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Hello I'm Olga. Welcome to my website "Step Lav". French bulldogs kennel owned by family for 5 years. We proud to represent the best bloodlines from Europe and USA: Suveren, Super Bully, Belboulecan, Les Petits Archanges.
All our dogs are part of my family, raised with children and other pets.That's why our puppies are with great temperament, lovable and good behavior. French bulldog is a best friend with a great quality: Playful, Smart, Loyal,Grateful and Happy.
They would feel our worries by showing compassion. They would give a live to protect the owner. We call a French bulldog "A little Knight".
Our goal is to create a perfect animal with high World standards, excellent health and great mind.
For Information on available puppy please contact me at +7-495-714-32-23 or email:
I would appreciate yours comments about my website in our guestbook .

My address:
Olga Stepanova
Bartenevskaya Str.41-25
Moscow, Russia
117042 (post code)


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